I thought making cookies with Brayden would be fun, so when I saw this recipe from Rachell Parcell, I immediately wanted to make these sugar cookies! And I’m all about pretty cookies, so I searched for a marbled frosting recipe on Pinterest, but Rachel also has a really good cream cheese frosting on her blog as well that’s worth a try!

I have never in my life made cookies from scratch – like mixing it all together, rolling out the dough, doing cookie cutters, etc. Anytime I’ve done cookies in the past, the dough has always been made ahead of time by someone else. So this was a fun project for me! I was ready for this to be a complete fail because I do not consider myself a baker by any means. lol But it wasn’t a fail! They’re actually SO GOOD! And they literally take 5 minutes to bake!!!!!!

I’m sharing Rach Parcell’s Sugar Cookie recipe below + the marbled frosting recipe I found! Guys, the frosting is SO EASY + SO GOOD. Seriously.


If you guys recreate these cookies, tag me + tag Rach Parcell if you want to as well! I’m sure she’d love to see people making her cookie recipe 🙂 

The cookie cutters, food coloring and rolling pin are from Target!

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