This has been my dream since we moved in a year and a half ago, and I knew this shiplap wall was what I wanted – eventually. We used a small little console table that we had for awhile, then eventually bought a faux fireplace mantle on Facebook marketplace (which I LOVED.) And if you follow me on Insta, you already know the story about my precious mantle. 

So we made the best of it, and decided to sell our huge couch to give our living room a little refresh! 

I found this super helpful blog post by the Little Red Brick House, and that’s what we used as our guide to doing this faux shiplap wall – we did not follow their tutorial step by step, but it definitely gave us a good idea of what we were going to do!


  • table saw (or you can ask your local hardware store to rip (cut) the pieces for you)
  • nail gun (we used a good ole hammer + nails, but I would totally recommend a nail gun — WAY FASTER… and quieter…)
  • 2 inch finish nails 
  • 1/4 inch thick plywood underlayment
  • level
  • stud finder
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • sandpaper (80 or 100 grit)
  • primer
  • paint
  • popsicle sticks (for spacing out strips of plywood)
  • liquid nails glue (optional)
We started with this paint color that was already there when we moved in. It’s not terrible, but definitely pulls SO yellow, and just isn’t my style.

STEP #1 : Rip (cut) your plywood into strips on your table saw or have your hardware store do it for you. We had our strips cut the length of the plywood and we asked them to cut them about 6 inches wide. We got about 7 strips out of each sheet of plywood, and we only used three sheets for this wall.

STEP #2 : If the edges of your cut pieces of plywood are rough and splintery, sand those down so they’re not so rough. We did not do this part because our pieces were cut pretty good. 

STEP #3 : Use your level, stud finder + your pencil to mark where all of the studs are. It might be helpful to draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor so you can use those lines as a guide all the way down. 

STEP #4 :  You’re ready to start! We began by making sure everything was level before we nailed it in, but my job was to put glue (liquid nails) on the wall (just to ensure maximum hold) while my husband and brother-in-law nailed the pieces up. They put two 2″ finish nails into each stud. See photo below. Once your big piece is put up, measure how much space you have left to cover, and cut that smaller piece to fit. We used spacers between every single piece of wood. Just continue until you are all the way down to the bottom. 

*We also just used some small white nails we already had as spacers instead of buying popsicle sticks or using coins. We just pulled them out as we went down. But feel free to use whatever you want as your spacers. 

STEP #5 :  This step is optional depending on how “perfect” you want the shiplap to look — sand down your pieces so they aren’t so rough. We did not sand down every single piece. We sanded the rough spots, and that was it. 

We left a tiny gap at the bottom + that’s ok because we are planning to get a piece of baseboard that will cover that gap anyway. 

STEP #6 : PRIME! Prime if you want to – we skipped this step because I’m impatient and I like to get things done quick 🙂 Also, I just didn’t feel like it was super necessary to buy paint AND primer. 

STEP #7 : PAINT! We used Sherwin Williams – Alabaster. Stephen and I painted the first coat together, then I woke up the next morning after he left for work, and painted a second coat all by myself 🙂 lol I wanted it DONE!

Still need to cut that piece around the outlets + get a bigger piece for the baseboard to cover that gap.

This project was pretty simple for the most part + I found it to be so fun! Because as you’re nailing each piece up, you start to see what it will look like in the end, and then when you get that first coat of white paint up!? GORGEOUS. Joanna Gaines would be proud. Right?! And yes…. I’m more than aware those cords need to be hidden — currently trying to figure that out!

If you do a faux shiplap wall, TAG ME @haley_goodall! I want to see! Thank you so much for stopping by + I hope this was a help to you!

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