I always knew in the back of my head that oils really were the real deal, but I never wanted to be labeled as someone who “sold” them to other people, nor did I want to pay for the starter kit! However, I do want to tell you – if you’re thinking about getting into oils – it is SO worth it. 100%. I promise.

Hear me out before you stop reading!

It seemed like, between the two of my kids, someone was always sick – especially during the season changes.¬†When Blakely was born, Brayden was always getting sick. By the time he got over whatever he had, he got an ear infection – then Blakely came down with RSV… while my husband was out of town. Talk about sleep deprivation. I think I need to go on vacation and sleep for a week – straight. But as any mother would, I was willing to do anything to help my babies. I knew that diffusing oils in our home and around the kids could have so many benefits. So my husband and I finally decided to invest in the starter kit. And let me just say, I am SO glad I did!

One of my friends gave me some R.C. to use for Blakely when I found out she had RSV, and it did wonders for us. After I tried that one oil, I knew we had to invest in this kit.

If you are interested in purchasing the starter kit or even just single oils, click here!

They also have a line of five oils specifically designed for kids!


Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing the starter kit, I’m here to help, and I cannot wait for you to join me!